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working on the last set of Original cyn photos but i am realizing i am sightly stymied.

About a month or so after having posted lord knows how many original cyn photos Flickr out of the blue decided that my photos which had been found public by them before (non burlesque and burlesque) now fit the bill of moderated status.

What this means is you cant see any of my photos unless your a flickr member and have chosen to see moderated pictures. If your someone looking for photos on flicker your not going to be able to see jack shit of my pics

Now this isn't just the burlesque photos flickers policy is to slam EVERYTHING in your stream as moderated and your not allowed to change anything from moderated to public or vice versa.

Ive realized that ive slowed down on posting and working on photos the last month because i am not looking forward to the decision of do I want to re-up my flicker account to PRO $25 a year but now with the onus that i may or may not get the stream back to unmoderated.

So my choices are

1 Go back to PRO and just deal with the status.

2 GO back to pro on the Jaspamaster account and open up a second Pro account thats just my pictures that would never be considered mode-ratable.

First choice is $25 a year the second choice is $50 a year.

Any suggestions or directions to take lets hear some ideas people. Or maybe I should take donations?

Buler? Buler? Buler?


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