Feb. 24th, 2009

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Yep I twittered this last night but not everyone I know is on twitter.
Anyway somewhere between the Chicago and LGA with a stopover in Philly someone opened the large art tube with the screw down top and all 50 some odd canes went bye bye!

What tipped me off at the airport was seeing the big bag and tube pop out of the luggage conveyer and noticed the top of the tube was now pointing towards the bottom of the bag and extending above the bottom like I usually have it when its attached in the right direction on the bag.

It stands up above the bag about a foot or so like a mast normally.
I would have expected someone to have attached the tube so it was equidistance from both ends if someone had seen the tube come off the bag.
The problem is the tube looked like it had been put back in place by someone who had bothered to notice its placement but got the direction wrong.
The case top was tightly screwed on and there was nothing to indicate the tube had been damaged or the cap had been ripped off and no TSA sticker.

Yep I lodged a report with the baggage ladies who didn't bat an eyelash when I explained what was in the case and what they were used for

Whats gone!
All my rattans which are replaceable except for any that have sentimental value.

My bamboos that I rounded and finished years ago, replaceable by me and I dont look forward to the amount of work I have to do to recreate them.

More devastating all my good rawhides that I made myself out of drum head rawhide are gone they are pretty much unreplacable (Yes I can buy new rawhides but NO one made them like I did) the effort to do another skin of rawhide is just way more than I can do right now.

So if you've enjoyed my canes to any degree that wonderful collection is now no more


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