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Did the door for the Punching slapping meeting at TES and had the oddest moment when a board member who hasent spoken to me for almost 4 years other than hello or bye when ive prompted him by saying hello or goodbye first and little else.

His question was about the media kit I put together years ago for TES back in the early days back when i was just on the comitte and hadent moved into the webmaster job yet.

His problem was that some copy of the logo he was using was somehow looking odd, this may have been a copy that had been resized or whateverd, He oddly thought I had created the triangular TES logo which I told him I had not, that was created by Tammi (May have name spelled wrong there) I had created the black version of the Logo used on the website today,

I just told him to dig up the illustrator object of the Logo I created and regenerate it at whatever resolution he needed.
Now first i am amazed that the package of graphics and illustrator objects is still around, TES’s history with legacy materials is preety bad either we tend to lose them or they get stored away in a manner that no one knows where they have gone or even that they ever existed. This has been even more of a problem with anything digitally based since rather than being kept someplace thats accessible by all, the material has a tendency to wind up on a disk in someone’s house and lost over time.

I am actually quite proud that that little package is still floating around TES and being useful its nice to know ones work over the years is still standing the test of time and organizational inertia

Its funny but after the fact all i can say is if he wants any more tech info from me, my rate is 75 an hour I do believe the free support period has run out.


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