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Finish returning Shibaricon equipment to [livejournal.com profile] riggermortis2's garage, this year load up and load out was relatively light.
In past years the event has had a lot of equipment pickups from distant places in the Chicago land area which would result in me having to do a heavy job of packing a truck full of big heavy and bulky frames bondage chairs and other borrowed items of steel and wood.
Last year this is just me Rev and [livejournal.com profile] riggermortis2 first year we had help from CiCi, Firefly and me being the Grip placing and lashing down all items and rearranging the truck so we can get where we need to and unload with out destroying the stuff.

Anyway unloading was uneventful this year though we did have to break into Rev's yard to drop off a frame there (Breaking into our own stuff seems to becoming a tradition) and then back to Shibaricon central to hang have some food decompress before carrying my bags the five long blocks to the Chicago transit to get to midway and fly home.

So the elevator and escalator at the stop were busted (Has been each time I am there) so had to heft my three bags up the stairs, this is heavy stuff a ton of luggage and my rope bag isn t in any way light even for me.
Click here for the whole insane trip )


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