Nov. 25th, 2008 11:32 am
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Sitting in a bagel shop typing on my iPod.

The sonogram went well the tech was a bit alarmed when she saw the lump and now have to follow up wit the doc for the results.

Fun fun fun!

On a "it sucks note" tried to get comfort food at mickyd's afterwords and ran right into it's to late to make one with out cheese since it's 30minutes to 11.
What made it interminable was the Spanish lady taking my order devolved from being able to articulate my order in bad heavily accented but understandable Spanglish to her suddenly unable to look me in the eye and mumbling her suddenly limited ability to speak and finally resorting to just staring at the register hoping I would disappear was just a bad comedy routine.

It took her manager to come over and just tell me all they had left in the bin was breakfast and they couldn't make more since it was lunch.

I curtly replied if it's lunch they shouldn't be advertising breakfast and left.

Moments like that make me love the breakfast scene in falling down all the more

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So my aunt died sometime between 11:00 and 12:00 this morning.
Thats over at least.
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I dont have the flu but something bit me early last week Antibiotics seem to be working but today slept forever. Exhaustion ache tired.

Then some snow It does happen in NY eventually and someone does see it.
Class on monday predicament bondage will be interesting, trying to keep the energy up while your body is fighting to heal.
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First Post from work.

And remember March isnt over yet so go back to that ask questions post in my LJ and ask some dangnabit!


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