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This week [livejournal.com profile] graydancer did a piece in his RopeWeekly Podcast (I Highly recommend it) on the whole Mistress Matissse and the kimono boys Article and read a couple of responses from the ARA rope list, Jim Tatu's and my post of the Dogma Nawashi69.00000000001 and I coulden't stop Laughing as he read through the Dogma points one by one.
If you dont know his podcast you really need to get "it" at http://www.graydancer.com/ropeweekly/

To answer [livejournal.com profile] graydancer's question as to what or whom is "lars trier" I have included some links to him and the films related to Dogme95 which is the basis for that ranting manifesto and answer to the arguments put forth to save us from the Kimono Boys.

Dogme 95
Vow of Chastity

Yes I am a film Geek, lick my Academy sprockets!!!!!!
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My response to a thread on the ARA (Adult Rope Arts) List on "Kimono Boys" in the scene and cultural imperialism.

Okay so here is the plan.

Join the new dogma

Dogma Nawashi69.00000000001

( If your a Lars Trier fan you know what i am talking about here )

1. All the rope bottoms must wear clothing at all times.

2. All the rope artists must wear nothing except for a rope cutter strapped to any one limb (Those more than well endowed may do so Male or female on that endowment but do so at their own risk ).

3. The words Shibari, Kinbaku, Nawashi and other terms shall be reduced to the term "Melvin" in order to eliminate any possible cultural imperialism of other languages European or Japanese.

4. All knots must be no more complex than your shoelace knot but no less complex than that really tough one that the last guy who wanted to show off what he learned in the boy scout's did.

5. Suspensions must always include gravity and all physical laws as set down by Newton. Crazy glue, suction or any artificial means of levitation are just right out and shall not be tolerated.

6. suspension frames must include copies of the Dogma Nawashi69.00000000001 manifesto and a 50,000 volt stun to be used in explaining said manifesto to the joyful supplicants

Let us break this trend of over fetishizing our kinks and eradicate the "kimono boy" trend before it ravishes us as line dancing did but a few scant years ago.

Cast of your cultural appropriations arise down trodden mass "O" true believers and burn the costume of our cultural assimilated oppressors.
Become one with the collective of truth and unity in conforming to the nonconformists.

Embrace the manifesto of "Melvin" purity inherent of the truth of Dogma Nawashi69.00000000001.

Dogma Nawashi69.00000000001


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