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Okay i am fucking awesome managed to fuck up my macpro's OS installing some things that didn't want to play nice. I am totally feeling awesome that I could still go spelunking in the command line and do the needed work to eliminate the badness.

Managed to get my system back and ll its setting this morning and back in business.

Having a 24 hour 365 apple store just a quick subway ride away rocks "Hi its 1:am do you have a firewire cable ? Yes we do sir right this way".

Oh and some geekery for you BSD nerds and geeks in general apple has come up with there own little method for dealing with spaces between file and folder names when your in the command line.

Simply put
to access delete or do whatever to a target such as this

/user/me/documents/my real annoying file.doc

you would write this as /user/me/documents/my\ real\ annoying\ file.doc

note the back slashes escape the spaces so that the system doesn't look at the at the file or folder with the spaces and go "no file or folder named my" with out the back slashes the system doesn't see the space and treats the first part of the name with spaces as the thing your looking for.

Now to make it a bit more interesting there are certain characters that aren't legal so you also have to escape them "\" so if you had a file or folder with say a " ' " in it like "pork shoulder 'rump" you would escape it this way "pork\ shoulder\ \'rump"

This moment of CLI goodness brought to you by the words "Arggggg" "WTF" and "Stupid fucking computer"


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