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Well in our last episode our intrepid hero was off to teach at wicked winternnes in ohio and was driven there by the intrepid driver who then became to ill to drive back to NY(Luckily hes gotten better so no glue factory for him).

Our heros options were accept a ride back to NY from a man who now seems to have most of the women on the eastern seaboard and middle america after him to give him what-fore. Said ride with this doomed man would land me in boston to take a bus back to NY in time to maybe catch my weds plane to chicago or miss it.

My other choice was to catch a ride direct to chicago with [livejournal.com profile] arkaea
[livejournal.com profile] avaamnesia which would be only 6 hours and get me there 2 days early and well in time to present my class the coming saturday.

I took the sure thing heading to chicago early and discovered on arrival that you cant use a round trip ticket one way so the last week has been a bit of a search to find a one way ticket back to NY.

I will be flying back monday night and sadly missing suspension now twice which is even more painful, to all the people who were hoping to see me and my rope there.
Next one guys I promise.
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